Chair Massage Clinics

Great for Backache and ‘Shoulders like Boulders’

P1080675In a ‘clinic situation’ the Chair Massage is 30 minute treatment through light clothing – no oil is used.  Ideal for the workplace as that means a short time away from the desk so that you can return refreshed.  For clinics, a minimum of 6 bookings is needed and there may be incentives available for larger numbers of bookings.

Some people find the more upright position helpful if they have lower back issues.

Why have Chair Massage in the Workplace?IMG_1007
Back pain and stress are the main causes sickness absence as well as causing morale problems and high staff turnover.  This therapy works the areas where desk workers or those who spend much time driving hold tension.  Chair Massage can create physical and mental well-being within the workforce as well as reducing absence costs and boosting productivity! See ‘The Cost of Stress‘ page for statistics, facts and case study information.

Sit there and let your stresses float away! R E L A X and ‘Chill Out’.

Advantages of Chair Massage: 

  • Can be done anywhere – accessible – a quiet room is ideal
  • Client remains clothed
  • Simple and effectLindsey Briscoe enjoying Seated Massage from Hayley Drakesive
  • Holistic impact (physical and psychological benefits)
  • Can increase alertness and effectiveness at work
  • Can reduce anxiety levels
  • Can lift mood
  • Can induce a feeling of calm
  • Can aid sleep
  • Can reduce physical symptoms eg. aches and pains
  • Can improve circulation
  • Can enhance relaxation, well being and vitality
  • A great maintenance and preventative treatment
  • Muscle-based – releases and loosens muscles and structural tension so energy can flow freely

Chair Massage is adapted to your needs and covers the back, shoulders and neck and may also include work on arms and scalp if needed in order to addresses all areas holding tension.  Hayley employs many techniques including use of the forearm which ensure a comfortable, yet deep and effective soft tissue massage.  Spreading the pressure over a larger area literally squashes the tension out of the muscles. Hayley also uses a variety of helpful massage tools too, eg. tennis ball and squash ball and gives clients self help tips on how to help tension day to day.

Stress-reducing endorphins and other mood enhancing chemicals are released within the body to help one feel more positive and give a feeling of well-being.

“The second Tuesday in every month is my Chair Massage Tuesday and it’s a treat from Heaven!  When you think of massage you envisage an expensive spa and having to be undressed under a sheet. That is definitely not for me, but a fully clothed and very effective chair massage is.
Half an hour in a special massage chair, fully clothed, under the healing and expert hands of Hayley Drakes blows the expensive spas out of the water.  It refreshes, relaxes and rejuvenates me and is the best £20 I spend each month.  Tight muscles become putty, stress evaporates and the aches and pains of life dissipate under Hayley’s healing hands.  Whether you want total peace during the massage to reflect and let yourself sink deeply into relaxation, or you’re the sort of person who likes gentle conversation, Hayley is perfect!  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
PH, former Managing Director at Webasto Product UK
“I personally felt good, alert and motivated after the therapy, which took away mental tiredness. The company contribution of 50% and the short time away from their duty is far outweighed by the positive effect on the staff and the knowledge that the Company is taking positive actions to reduce the effect of stressful work. Staff often feel the pressure of work and workplace therapies relieve the symptoms of stress and have proved to be a positive contribution to the wellbeing of the staff”  – Some comments from staff:  “Wonderful treatment. Felt really relaxed and helped with tension. Really pleased employers go 50% with the cost as it shows concern and a caring attitude towards the morale of staff.” “Loved it – felt really relaxed afterwards – can Hayley come and live with me?!!! ” “Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very relaxing. Really appreciated it and felt like it benefitted me immensely. Look forward to the next time“
MF, Managing Director
“As a company our staff take advantage of the services offered by Hayley Drakes and find the sessions very beneficial and her style of operation very professional. As an Executive and Management Coach I have no hesitation in recommending to our clients the benefits of taking on board the corporate therapy services offered by Hayley.”
Dr JB – GP / Senior Partner
“Our reception and nursing staff are always under pressure – there often isn’t time to deal with one task fully before having to attend to the next one. They manage to cope with this pressure – appearing pleasant, unflustered and competent. As employers we do not always remember to acknowledge how much stress the staff absorb – and offering the team a massage on a regular basis seems to be a very practical way of both recognising the problem – and trying to do something about it. All the staff appreciated the experience and the sense of being valued and, as their employer, I feel it enhanced the team spirit within the surgery.”