Chair Massage

Great for Backache and ‘Shoulders like Boulders’

P1080680No oil is used as this therapy is done through light clothing.  Some people find the more upright position helpful, particularly if they have lower back issues.

Chair Massage is ideal for anyone with a desk or driving job.

Hayley employs many techniques including use of the forearm which ensure a comfortable, yet deep and effective soft tissue massage.  Spreading the pressure over a larger area literally squashes the tension out of the muscles.  Hayley also uses a variety of helpful massage tools too, e.g. tennis ball and squash ball and gives clients self help tips on how to help tension day to day.

LEAFLET Chair MassageStress-reducing endorphins and other mood enhancing chemicals are released within the body to help one feel more positive and give a feeling of well-being.

At Hayley’s studio in Belton the chair massage therapy is 45 minutes long.

Chair Massage is adapted to your needs and covers the back, shoulders and neck and may also include work on arms and scalp if needed in order to addresses all areas holding tension.

Lindsey Briscoe enjoying Seated Massage from Hayley Drakes

Advantages of Chair Massage: 

  • Client remains clothed
  • Simple and effective
  • Holistic impact (physical and psychological benefits)
  • Can increase alertness and effectiveness at work
  • Can reduce anxiety levels
  • Can lift mood
  • Can induce a feeling of calm
  • Can aid sleep
  • Can reduce physical symptoms eg. aches and pains
  • Can improve circulation
  • Can enhance relaxation, well being and vitality
  • A great maintenance and preventative treatment
  • Muscle-based – releases and loosens muscles and structural tension so energy can flow freely

IMG_1007Sit there and let your stresses float away!
R E L A X and ‘Chill Out’.

For information on this therapy in a clinic either at the workplace or other premises please see Chair Massage Clinics.

It is also an ideal on-site therapy for horse riders see Horse & Rider Packages and Clinics.

“Thank you for the chair massage. My back feels great. The best it’s felt for years!”
“I am in my mid 50s and have done manual work including building, lifting and driving all my life.  I decided to try chair massage as I had been suffering with lower back pain and neck and shoulder tension.  I came with a totally open mind as I had never tried anything like this before and have been very pleasantly surprised how much is it helping.  I have been coming for four months now and am taking less painkillers.  Initially my treatments were fortnightly and now we are doing every three weeks and will soon progress to monthly, then every six weeks.”