Facial Rejuvenation Massage

The Natural Face Lift Massage

Some of the visible improvements Clients have noticed after these face massages include: expression lines eased or disappeared, eyes brighter and wider, cheeks plumped and lifted, complexion fresher and more toned, jowl area improved, face appears less puffy and slimmer due to elimination of toxins, skin softer and smoother. In addition, clients report a feeling of total relaxation and well-being.

A fantastic way to relax and chill out – with the added bonus LEAFLET-Face-Rejuv-3of looking rejuvenated.

A gentle and cost effective alternative to going under the knife or having injections to maintain a youthful complexion. Imagine a blissful, carefree session of relaxing, totally natural, non-invasive face and neck massage to give you a renewed sense of tranquillity reflected in your features.

Often clients will treat themselves to Facial Rejuvenation a few days before a special occasion for a healthy glow and confidence boost. Regular treatments maintain and enhance the effects, as do the self-help techniques and facial exercises given.
LEAFLET-Face-Rejuv-2Hayley’s tutor and pioneer of this therapy, Kundan Mehta, states: “This method works the face systematically, releasing deep-seated tension, freeing layers of muscle and connective tissue so that there is space for the muscles to relax, encouraging and opening so that micro-circulation and toxin elimination can begin again and the tissue can glide smoothly over the deeper layers of muscle and bone.”  Facial Rejuvenation Massage has its roots in Ayurvedic teachings. Mrs Mehta’s husband, Narendra, was the pioneer of Indian Head Massage in the UK.
This deeply relaxing massage stimulates muscles and releases LEAFLET-Face-Rejuv-1restrictions in connective tissue of the face and neck, stimulating production of collagen and elastin to help soften lines, giving the face a lifted appearance and improved skin tone. Many clients fall asleep, waking refreshed, wide eyed and lifted. The specific movements aim to improve lines and wrinkles by working on ingrained expressions and releasing deep seated tension. It helps restore vitality and mobility, giving muscles a new lease of life. The skin feels smoother and softer.

Hayley was the first Therapist in this region to qualify in Facial Rejuvenation and has many years experience in this therapy.

Some Clients choose a longer therapy and combine this with some Tsuboki Face Massage too for a longer relaxation and rejuvenation package.

Thank you to all of these clients for giving permission to publish their photos on my website.
Below are before and after pictures after regular treatments
“I was given a mother’s day voucher for Wellbeings and it turned out to be one of the nicest presents I have ever had.  I opted for the facial rejuvenation massage and went with an open mind.   I found Hayley very friendly, very knowledgeable and full of good advice.  The massage was wonderfully relaxing and I felt stress free for the first time in ages.  Hayley gave me a mirror at the end of the session and I was amazed at how different I looked.  My skin felt like silk and my features had lost their dull appearance.  My skin colour was much improved and my eyes sparkled.This treatment is a fabulous stress reliever with the added bonus of taking years off your appearance. Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.”
“I must admit that I was slightly sceptical the first time I went to have a facial rejuvenation massage, but I thought I will enjoy the pampering so give it a try. The massage is very soothing and relaxing leaving my face glowing with health. Not only that – it really works, I could see a difference half way through my massage. I would recommend it to anyone young or old!”
“Thank you for the face, neck and shoulder massage. My face seemed positively lifted and I can actually see a difference, especially around my cheeks and jaw area. My neck is lovely and free.”
“Just to say thank you for the Facial Rejuvenation. My husband said a couple of times he could see a difference. I really enjoyed the massage and all the self-help, advice and information you gave.”
“Skin brill and face and neck so lifted – fab!”
“I’ve tried many therapies and facial rejuvenation is the most relaxing I’ve ever had and the results are amazing. I want one every week!”
“After facial rejuvenation I feel like a new woman! I also enjoy the ear candling too, it’s so relaxing.”
“After Facial Rejuvenation massage my whole face feels lifted, especially my cheeks. This treatment is very relaxing and makes me feel good.”
“I write as a 73 year old convert. Facial Rejuvenation is the perfect treatment if you wish to shed a few years – and a few wrinkles – in total comfort and relaxation, without the potential risk and problems of a more invasive process. Following my first treatment, there was a noticeable improvement, but the longer lasting effects became obvious after the 5th session and it is now my intention to continue indefinitely with a monthly treatment to maintain the improvement – and to boost confidence! I have also noticed that my skin has improved, as it was previously very dry.”
“Although not totally convinced that it would do me any good at all, I decided to treat myself to a treatment of Facial Rejuvenation. What an eye-opener. After this first treatment, my skin felt like satin and I felt totally relaxed for the first time in years. This prompted me to have a course of six treatments. Each treatment has brought added benefits, and the results last longer as the course progresses. My complexion is now a lot better than in has been in ages and my skin no longer feels like sandpaper. I also have a feeling of well-being and serenity. I now intend to have a treatment once a month in order to stay feeling smooth and serene, rather than feeling creased and cranky.”
“I recently went to Hayley because I had been suffering from nasal congestion and crackling in my ears as a result of this. I decided to have ear candling carried out as I kept giving so many off the shelf remedies a go. It was a very relaxing experience and could feel the benefits as soon as my face was massaged at the same time. My head definitely felt clearer as a result of this treatment and won’t hesitate to have it done again. I have never gone for this sort treatment before and now I have had reflexology and a rejuvenating face massage carried out too. Both these treatments had the most amazing relaxing effect – I felt de-stressed and an immense sense of wellbeing. Highly recommended indeed!!!!”
“I have had facial rejuvenation massage several times now and feel it is just such a great tonic. I feel, and look, so much more relaxed after a session and it is wonderful to have friends say I look so well. To me, though, it is more important how I feel, and the massage makes me feel genuinely relaxed.”