Holistic Body Massage with Aromatherapy

Massage is a proven, effective therapy for gently removing tensionMassage_leg1 and toxins from tired and aching muscles, encouraging the Client to release mental, physical and emotional tensions.  This allows deep relaxation and the opportunity to ‘chill out’.  Gentle, yet deep and effective soft tissue massage styles are used to suit each Client’s needs.  Hayley often uses her forearms to achieve a deep, yet gentle and nurturing, soft and flowing, massage.

A blend of warm aromatherapy oils is usually used to further enhance the benefits. Massage encourages better circulation, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and effectively encouraging toxins and waste to leave the muscles.  This stimulates the immune system and helps the body defend against infection.

Towels and blankets are used to keep the client warm and massage_back1preserve dignity at all times. Clients always keep on their lower underwear.

Clients may choose to incorporate Lava Shell massage.

It is important that clients advise of any allergies as this may affect which oils are safe to use in their massage. Eg. nuts, citrus fruits.

Aromatherapy – The use of essential oils (concentrated liquid extracts distilled from herbs, flowers, spices, woods and resins) to stimulate and reinforce the body’s own defence mechanism. These oils can have uplifting and calming effects on the psyche. Used for over 3,000 years by many ancient civilisations.

They often have chemical constituents closely related in their molecular structure to those of human cells, tissues and hormones. They can help various symptoms and make us feel more balanced.

Essential oils should always be diluted in a carrier oil before use. They should not be taken orally and be kept out of reach of children and animals. They are highly volatile so should be kept out of sunlight, in a cool, dark place.

‘M’ Technique® is gentle and soothing. A very light and gentle massage_leg2stroking technique suitable for everyone and appropriate for calming anxiety and for Clients who are too fragile to receive massage. It can be done through clothing and in a seated position so is very versatile and often just hands or feet may be treated if appropriate.

Family or carers often like to be taught an ‘m’ technique hand massage so that they may help their loved ones.

“During busy times, Hayley’s therapies keep my stress levels manageable. I used to have many restless nights, but now I sleep like a baby!” Aromatherapy Holistic Body Massage
“I was at my lowest – stressed, depressed, couldn’t relax and couldn’t sleep. Aromatherapy massage is really relaxing and soothing. I couldn’t believe how much calmer I felt and slept so well. I felt relaxed and rested.”
“After a busy day, aromatherapy massage is the ultimate treatment to achieve relaxation of the body and mind. The following day starts with a wonderful feeling of well being and renewed energy.”
“This massage released muscular problems in my neck, shoulders and back no other form of treatment has. A body and mind workout which left me feeling refreshed, deeply nurtured, free and agile in movement and clear headed. Highly recommended to everyone who cares about themselves.”
“I enjoy Body Massage, including a Tummy Massage. After suffering from IBS for many years, this has helped regulate things, so I no longer swing from one extreme to the other or suffer spasms. The massage is very relaxing, releases tension and gives me a feeling of wellbeing.”