Horse & Rider Packages and Clinics

It makes perfect sense to treat both parts of the equestrian team for a truly holistic approach and most riders really benefit from some work on their back/neck/shoulders.  If you add a ‘chair massage’ to your horse’s therapy then the cost for this is just £15, making the total £65 for one horse and rider package.Picture of Chair Massage or Riders

We know that the more assymetrical the rider is this affects the horse, who will attempt to compensate to achieve balance and may overwork certain muscles. Often riders show the same areas of tension as their horse and common areas are just below base of skull (poll on horse), around the shoulders and lower back and sacro-iliac area in particular.

Another benefit is if the rider feels calm and less anxious, which usually occurs after massage, this positively affects the horse and vice versa.  The energetic inter-connection between equine and rider means if they both feel well it enhances the relationship in all areas.

The rider massage takes approximately 30 minutes and the horse approximately an hour.  Multiple horse & rider packages can be booked and a further discount may be applicable.  We need to work somewhere dry and warm indoors for the rider massage as the British weather is rarely nice enough for outdoors work, though it makes a nice photograph!

Cyden Perplex (plex to his friends) enjoying massage 17 April 2012

(left) Lara Dyson & Cyden Perplex Cyden Perplex Winner Advanced Medium Nationals 2012

Plex loving his neck massage work in preparation for winning Petplan Equine National Advanced Medium Restricted Dressage April 2012 with an impressive 71.47%.  

(above) Lara receiving her regular therapy.


Host a Chair Massage Clinic at your Yard for a minimum of 6 people and there may be incentives available for larger numbers of bookings.

Chair Massage done through light clothing – no oil is used.  Some people find the more upright position helpful if they have lower back issues.  The Chair Massage is ideal for the usual rider / equine handler’s aches and pains as it covers the back/neck/shoulders and can incorporate arms and head too if necessary.

Sit there and let your stresses float away! R E L A X and ‘Chill Out’.

Advantages of Chair Massage: Lindsey Briscoe enjoying Seated Massage from Hayley Drakes

  • Can be done anywhere – accessible – a quiet room is ideal
  • Client remains clothed
  • Simple and effective
  • Holistic impact (physical and psychological benefits)
  • Can increase alertness and effectiveness at work
  • Can reduce anxiety levels
  • Can lift mood
  • Can induce a feeling of calm
  • Can aid sleep
  • Can reduce physical symptoms eg. aches and pains
  • Can improve circulation
  • Can enhance relaxation, well being and vitality
  • A great maintenance and preventative treatment
  • Muscle-based – releases and loosens muscles and structural tension so energy can flow freely

Picture of Chair Massage or RidersChair Massage is adapted to your needs and covers the back, shoulders and neck and may also include work on arms and scalp if needed in order to addresses all areas holding tension.  Hayley employs many techniques including use of the forearm which ensurea comfortable, yet deep and effective soft tissue massage.  Spreading the pressure over a larger area literally squashes the tension out of the muscles. Hayley also uses a variety of helpful massage tools too, eg. tennis ball and squash ball and gives clients self help tips on how to help tension day to day.

Stress-reducing endorphins and other mood enhancing chemicals are released within the body to help one feel more positive and give a feeling of well-being.

IMG_3688Even ‘national treasure’ and one of the World’s Top Dressage Riders, Charlotte Dujardin OBE, has enjoyed a Chair Massage from Hayley to help with her neck tension and a headache.  Charlotte and her partner Valegro currently hold the world record scores in all three grand prix dressage tests.  They won two gold medals at London 2012, represented Britain at the 2014 World Equestrian Games (WEG) and claimed individual gold, setting a new WEG record, and team silver.  In 2015 Charlotte and Valegro won the dressage World Cup Final in Las Vegas with a score of 94.169% and they were part of the British team at the 2015 European Dressage Championships in Aachen, which won team silver and Charlotte claimed gold in both the grand prix special and the freestyle.

Lara reflexologyMay 2015By prior arrangement other therapies may be included at the therapy clinics and reflexology is popular and sometimes even the Client’s canine friends come along for a relax too 🙂


Picture of Chair Massage or Riders

“What a fantastic package – Hayley came and started by giving me a relaxing, stress relieving massage whilst in the comfort of my own yard and fully clothed on a specialist chair. This thirty minutes was the perfect time to relax and release all the stresses of the week and up and coming competition. Once I was thoroughly relaxed and de-knotted, Hayley then moved onto my horses. Plex is a really sensitive horse so I wasn’t sure how he would react to the massage. I Equine - Kneading - Dudewas able to hold him and watch as he went through the release of tension and stresses on his muscles just as I had and you could see the relaxation in the way he was stood so much so he was pushing into Hayley for more. The following day Plex felt very loose and easy through all his work, for which I give the credit to Hayley and her work. Thank you so much Hayley it’s the perfect “package” both in the comfort of our yard and without any stresses or disruptions.” 

“This was my first massage. I found it very relaxing and enjoyable, it was interesting to relate to the massage done on my horse, who always feels free/loose the following day and I do too! ” A Phillips, Doncaster

Equine - Shoulder Work - Baz“Many thanks for the recent horse and rider massage you gave to me and Baz. I have become increasingly conscious that some of my tensions translate through to my riding and these affect our performance at competitions and our enjoyment at home. I found it really interesting that I have some tension in my sacroiliac area and you spent some time working on this; the next time I rode I did notice a marked difference in my comfort and ability to sit to trot. Baz, of course, also enjoyed his massage and has a tendency to be tense in his sacro-iliac area too! I happily recommend this package to anyone as it was a really beneficial ‘treat’ for us both.”