Reiki for Animals

Our animal friends make us feel good . . . . and we can do the same for them with Reiki. 


MOST ANIMAL REIKI SESSIONS ARE DONE DISTANTLY.   Please contact Hayley who will talk through the process with you.

IMPORTANT – Reiki does not replace the advice or treatment of a vet.  Medical conditions cannot be diagnosed.  In all cases it is important to seek professional veterinary advice and diagnosis in the first instance.  This important legislation forms part of the 1966 Veterinary Surgery Act.  Reiki is a complementary therapy and can be used alongside other therapies and medication.  Reiki may then be used alongside veterinary care as a complementary therapy.

Reiki means Universal Life Energy and is a Japanese technique for Stress ella_and_hayleyRelief and Relaxation that anyone can learn.  The energy flows through the Practitioner and is drawn by the animal.  It can be learned by anyone and enhances the body’s natural ability to feel well and in balance on all levels.

Animals usually respond very positively to Reiki and may visibly relax or sleep throughout. It seems to be very calming and balancing for their emotions.  Sometimes Reiki can give them an energy boost if they are depleted and stimulate appetite if they have been off their food.

Litl UnAll sentient beings are individuals and therefore benefit in different ways to therapies such as Reiki. It can be useful for emotional matters, as well as for physical issues. Physical problems are often related to or exaggerated by emotions and stress.  Quantum Physics states that everything in the universe is energy and everything in the universe is connected, which is why it is not necessary to be in the presence of the recipient of the Reiki.  The Reiki Practitioner works with a positive intention at all times for the greater good of the animal.

Feedback from people is that their animal friends become very relaxed, calm and serene during Reiki (and in fact if they sit alongside the people can feel deeply relaxed too). Feelings are expressed through actions and when receiving ‘hands on’ Reiki, animals will often lean into the hands of the Practitioner or move themselves to place an area of their body under the Practitioner’s hands which needs energy. They may also sigh, yawn, breathe deeply, break wind and have gurgly tummies. All indicate relaxation and a release of tension. During Reiki animals often snooze, snore and seem to ‘melt’ as they deeply relax.

Reactions of animals and their person’s observations indicate that it maykipper16yrs be helpful for our animal friends who have :-

  • stress related conditions
  • recent operation or injury to aid recovery
  • allergies
  • a depleted immune system
  • terminal illness, often calming and helping with energy and appetite
  • emotional issues e.g. bereavement, separation anxiety, moving home, past abuse/mistreatment, trauma

colour with busterA great maintenance and preventative measure for good health as calms stress and anxiety.

As with humans, Reiki may help the animal’s own natural ability to heal itself, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The body draws Reiki energy via the Practitioner as needed for positive effects.

Some of our animal friends enjoy ‘hands-on’ Reiki, whereas others are happier to receive it from a P1080531distance. Testimonials give anecdotal evidence that Reiki from a distance can be extremely effective. The animal naturally draws whatever energy is needed and Hayley works intuitively with both people and their animals to ensure they receive the best of care.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a combination of two Japanese words Rei and Ki, meaning Universal Life Energy. The universal energy flows through, not from, the practitioner. It is not a religion or belief system and can be learned by anyone and is a wonderful way of bonding with your animal friends. (see Reiki Training page for more information, if you would like to learn to treat your own animals)

Nov 06 H n DonksHayley uses Reiki regularly with the Bransby foster donkeys, four cats andP1070352 guinea pig animal friends who share her home.

All animals seem to respond well to Reiki and Hayley has worked with a variety including cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, lizards, geese, guinea pigs, rabbits and various wildlife.

Hayley’s massage and Reiki combination for horses is really helpful pre-competition.




“Over the time I have known Hayley, I have received a variety of therapies from her (full testimonial on testimonials page). I not only trust and recommend Hayley wholeheartedly for myself and others, but admire Hayley’s approach, which is comforting and supportive, as she dedicates time aside to explain and discuss the techniques and therapies which helps you feel comfortable and safe immediately. Also being an animal behaviourist myself, I have seen Hayley develop an amazingly powerful intuition with animals and along with successfully helping their ailments, she has a natural calming energy animals are instantly attracted to and trust.” – GS

Binky the Rabbit“Binky (the rabbit) had a really good few days his flipping and rolling has just about stopped now and his eye looks so much better. This week he has improved so much. His balance has improved and today he even walked on the grass. He seems so much more relaxed and doesn’t seem to be as frustrated. It’s his left side that’s affected, so we have been giving him massage to help him feel better, which he loves. Thanks for all you have done for him this week Hayley. He has certainly benefited from his Reiki sessions. The vet was pleased with him this week, as he sat up all the way there and while he was in the vets. I told her he has had Reiki and she said one of her cat patients had a session as well. Thankfully, he keeps on improving.” LO

“Benjy has shown a definite improvement since receiving distant Reiki from you. From having a somewhat nervous and rather anxious disposition, which exacerbated his colitis, he has become much more relaxed and chilled out. Most importantly, this change in his character has had a very beneficial effect on his overall health. In summary, he seems to be a much happier and calmer little dog, rather than the hyperactive and stressed out animal that he was previously.” (2009) “Benjy was diagnosed with chronic renal failure in November 2010. He received distant Reiki from Hayley on a regular basis from then on. He lived until mid February 2011 and was able to enjoy a reasonable quality of life, going for short walks and interacting with us in his usual way until the end, much to the surprise of his vet, who had expected to have to intervene much earlier. I am very grateful to Hayley for her unstinting help and support at what was a very difficult time and whilst I was always fully aware that Reiki could not prevent the eventual outcome, I do think that it played a big part in allowing Benjy to cope with the illness and have a little more quality time with us, than he might otherwise have had.” JY

It was wonderful that the Vet kept a close eye on Benjy and was not dismissive of the Reiki. He was fortunate to have received the best of loving care from his family.

“It was so lovely to see my stressed pony enjoy some quiet time, close his eyes and relax, which is so important and so rare!” – JD and Woody the Pony, Wales.
After this hands on session, Woody also had Distant Reiki several times to help him settle into his new home after he moved to Wales.

“We really believed Cassie was going to die between Christmas 2010 and New Year as she wasn’t eating, drinking and wouldn’t go out, let alone for a walk and she just laid on her side, but very very peaceful. After the distance Reiki we could not believe how she improved. She is now back to normal, eating, drinking, walking and ‘barking’. Even though we know she is terminally ill, it is so lovely to have had her longer than expected. Thank you so much. Will keep you in touch. Kindest Regards.” “After 12 lovely years with Cassie (she was 14) and we have many lovely memories and photos, and having had her a year longer than we ever expected, which we have to thank you for, I had to make the sad decision.” – GS and JS
Cassie had been diagnosed with an inoperable tumour with an estimated 8 months to live, but this was some 18 months before she was sadly put to sleep. The vet was surprised how well she did. She was closely monitored and had much loving care from her wonderful family. She received Distant Reiki periodically and seemed to enjoy a good quality of life during this time.

“Thank you Hayley for a wonderful Reiki experience. Tyler, a normal giddy pup, Tyleroriginally slept in a crate with a blanket over and the door closed in the kitchen. She was messing the bed in the night and if I left the crate open so she could go on the pad she cried and scratched at the door of the kitchen. Hayley visited me and Tyler at work and they hit it off straight away. Tyler was jumping everywhere, but Hayley is a very calming influence and Tyler soon laid in bed for a snooze. We talked about how Tyler was anxious at night and Hayley took a beautiful picture of her to do the Reiki with each evening for a week or so. I must admit I was a little sceptical about the whole thing but very intrigued to see what would happen. Hayley asked me to just see if she did anything different. To be honest I completely forgot the first night all about it so took no notice of change but the next day I realised Tyler hadn’t been put to bed with her crate door closed and blanket over! No mess anywhere, so the next night I did it again and took away the blanket, and progressively over a week of Reiki, I took away the crate and Tyler was in a big girls bed and dry through the night.  A fantastic experience and I would recommend a little Reiki for everyone’s pooch.  Thank You” – KM and Tyler, Doncaster

“Archie the rescued guinea pig is making steady progress 8 weeks after the vet said there wasArchie the Guinea Pig nothing more that could be done. He is learning to eat for himself again and getting stronger and livelier. I am sure that the Reiki helped him. Thank you for your help.” “Hero is Amazing thank you. Almost unrecognisable from the tiny, terrified, wild, wreck he was. His wounds are recovered though he is still sensitive in that area. He is so loving now and just wants to be cuddled. He is chilled and has doubled his weight. Thank you for your help with the Reiki. We have been using aloe on his wounds too.” – ST, Cavy Corner Sanctuary
avy Corner at Doncaster work tirelessly for many rescued guinea pigs and we often help out by sending Reiki to poorly guinea pigs when needed to help them recover.  This is where Hayley’s adopted guinea pigs Boris and the late Bertie are from.

danny“My dog Danny, a 10 year old German Shepherd, started with a severe weakness in his back legs 6 weeks ago. We took him to the vets, who put him on medication but explained that the prognosis was not good, He continued to decline to the point that I was prepared to take him to the vet to be put to sleep. I don’t know what stopped me to be honest.  I told Hayley about this and she suggested that she send some Reiki healing to him. I have to say that I am very sceptical about this sort of thing, but I felt that it couldn’t hurt.  6 weeks later, he is much better – I don’t know if it is the Reiki, but Hayley is still sending it and he is continuing to improve, and I am starting to reduce the medication. His legs are still very weak, but he seems to have accepted that there are some things that he can’t do and is content with life, and is happier than he has ever been. I don’t know how long Dan will be with us, I guess that the weakness will come again, but he (and us) have had a happy and content reprieve.  Thanks Hayley” – RA, Dorset
Sadly Danny passed away early 2011, aged 11. Thankfully he had a good quality of life to the end.

“My 4 year old Labrador ruptured a ligament whilst on her daily walk over the xmas period, sashashe had to go through the trauma of having a metal plate inserted into her hind leg, this caused her much discomfort and pain and her usual happy self was replaced with a depressed unhappy replica. Hayley sent Reiki to help her heal and to restore her happy go lucky personality, overnight I noticed a change in her which improved on a daily basis and I am delighted to say that Sasha has now fully recovered and is as lively as ever….  Thank you Hayley, without your treatment she would not have recovered so quickly and she’s saving her favourite bone to give you and a big sloppy kiss!” – TD, Doncaster