Reiki Training

One Day Training Workshops 1:1 or small group up to 3 for maximum individual attention

Reiki is said to be ‘The Secret Art of Happiness’.   A Japanese Technique for Stress Relief and Relaxation.  It is wonderful for Self Development in the first instance. It can be used with friends, family and animals and can be developed further if you wish to become a Practitioner or Teacher.

Please contact Hayley to find out more about the training and to discuss possible training dates. A deposit is required when booking please.

As well as learning about Reiki, the training days incorporate meditation exercises too.  Support after tie dye circleyour training is offered by your Reiki Teacher, Hayley, who will help you organise ‘Reiki Share’ days too if you wish.

Here is some feedback from a few students who have trained with Hayley . . . .

“Having asked Hayley to carry out Reiki on my rabbit and seeing the amazing effect it had on him, when Hayley suggested me taking my Reiki level 1 I jumped at the chance to be able to help animals. I have rescue guinea pigs, cats and rabbits. I also volunteer at Scunthorpe Rabbit Rescue, after a day with Hayley being attuned I now regularly do Reiki sessions for my own pets and those at the rescue. I have also helped my friends guinea pig who was depressed after his cage mate passed. I would highly recommend Hayley she is a wonderful patient tutor.” LO

“I had a great day at the training and the hours simply flew by. I’ve had some thought provoking and life changing moments. I feel more relaxed and focussed after self-treatments. A sense of well being has taken over. Even though I’ve had regular physio with good results, the physio couldn’t rectify the problem with my left knee and hip joints, but for the first time as long as I can remember I didn’t find it painful raising my foot this morning! I enjoy the meditation sessions and can drift away easily and have some CDs you suggested. Regarding the teaching, you kept it simple and interesting, with clear intention, obviously knowing your subject very well indeed and covering potentially difficult parts with ease and not dwelling on what may have become tiresome to the beginner. I am looking forward to completing Level 2 with you too.” MNpath in grass

“My 10 year old had a headache and was feeling sick so we spent quiet time on the sofa and the Reiki began to flow (I felt heat and warmth) and he calmed down quickly and within 15 minutes said he felt much better and went back to bed. Also, my partner was amazed by the sensation of heat passing over his body. I have done some self-treatment and had some amazing experiences. I am keen to move onto Reiki 2.” AS

“Having already experienced the wonderful effects of Reiki treatment, I decided that my two daughters and I would benefit greatly from being attuned to Reiki level 1 ourselves. As I had previously received other holistic treatments from Hayley, I felt that she was the perfect person to go to. From the very beginning, Hayley made us feel welcome, relaxed, and very reassured all the way through the theory, meditation and attunement processes. Myyoungest daughter commented to me afterwards that she felt Hayley was “a wonderful teacher”. The support and level of information she provided before, during and after the day was absolutely fantastic. We all left the day feeling very positive, definitely less stressed and looking forward to being able to use Reiki on ourselves and our family & friends. I would thoroughly recommend Hayley to anyone considering Reiki treatment or attunement.” M W

Hayley particularly enjoys teaching Reiki 1 to those who will use their Reiki skills with animals as well as on themselves, friends and family.ella_and_hayley

Reiki First Degree – Level 1 – 1 Day – £130 per person (discounts for small group of 2 or 3 persons) – including lunch, training manual and notes