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“Thank you for the chair massage. My back feels great. The best it’s felt for years!”
“I am in my mid 50s and have done manual work including building, lifting and driving all my life. I decided to try chair massage as I had been suffering with lower back pain and neck and shoulder tension. I came with a totally open mind as I had never tried anything like this before and have been very pleasantly surprised how much is it helping. I have been coming for four months now and am taking less painkillers. Initially my treatments were fortnightly and now we are doing every three weeks and will soon progress to monthly, then every six weeks.”
“Hayley’s treatments are utterly amazing.  Honestly, I cannot tell you how great I feel.  It’s as if something has unblocked and everything has balanced up.  After years of struggling, I feel like I’m back to my old easy going, positive, happy, ‘can do’, self and it feels wonderful.  I really don’t know how to thank you Hayley, your skills really are amazing.  From experiencing intense pain in my right shoulder before seeing you, I’m now completely pain free, even after 5 hours gardening yesterday and 4 hours today.   I’m speechless.”

Chair Massage Clinic @ Dovecote Cafe “The second Tuesday in every month is my Chair Massage Tuesday and it’s a treat from Heaven!  When you think of massage you envisage an expensive spa and having to be undressed under a sheet. That is definitely not for me, but a fully clothed and very effective chair massage is.
Half an hour in a special massage chair, fully clothed, under the healing and expert hands of Hayley Drakes blows the expensive spas out of the water.  It refreshes, relaxes and rejuvenates me and is the best £20 I spend each month.  Tight muscles become putty, stress evaporates and the aches and pains of life dissipate under Hayley’s healing hands.  Whether you want total peace during the massage to reflect and let yourself sink deeply into relaxation, or you’re the sort of person who likes gentle conversation, Hayley is perfect!  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

“Hayley’s treatments are awesome. She is professional, reliable and I always come away from a treatment feeling relaxed and de-stressed! Just perfect!”
“Hayley is a skilled and professional holistic therapist.  Her clients also have the benefit of her compassionate and intuitive nature.  She is a pleasure to deal with and I am happy to recommend Hayley to people I know.”
“I experienced Hayley’s healing hands throughout the latter stages of my pregnancy when I could barely walk! Hayley got me walking pain free again – I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
“I go to Hayley for a chair massage. More often than not I also now combine this with either a reflexology and reiki treatment as well. Hayley’s treatments provide both healing and relief from old equestrian related injuries and posture management from sitting at a desk daily for work. I have found that since having regular body and mind maintenance from Hayley, not only has my general well-being improved but I have felt less pain and discomfort from past injuries. I also genuinely enjoy her company and the friendship I have gained. I look forward to our sessions and am happy to refer her services to everyone I meet regardless of their profession; equestrian or office based. You will feel revived and relaxed all at the same time.”
PH, former Managing Director, Webasto Product UK Ltd, Doncaster – Chair Massage in the Workplace
“I personally felt good, alert and motivated after the therapy, which took away mental tiredness. The company contribution of 50% and the short time away from their duty is far outweighed by the positive effect on the staff and the knowledge that the Company is taking positive actions to reduce the effect of stressful work. Staff often feel the pressure of work and workplace therapies relieve the symptoms of stress and have proved to be a positive contribution to the wellbeing of the staff at Webasto.” – Some comments from staff:
“Wonderful treatment. Felt really relaxed and helped with tension. Really pleased employers go 50% with the cost as it shows concern and a caring attitude towards the morale of staff.” “Loved it – felt really relaxed afterwards – can Hayley come and live with me?!!!” “Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very relaxing. Really appreciated it and felt like it benefitted me immensely. Look forward to the next time“
“I would like to thank you for my recent Reiki treatment. I found it extremely relaxing and have had no pain in my knee ever since. I look forward to my next treatment.”
“The day to day worries of being a full time working mum definitely meant I needed a “time out” treatment just for me. I opted to try out a full Reiki treatment as I had heard wonderful things about the positive effects of Reiki. When I experienced it for myself, I was absolutely amazed at the wonderful feelings of calmness and serenity it gave me afterwards and I felt extremely relaxed and definitely less stressed. Thanks Hayley!!”
“An amazing experience. I am well chilled out today. I really believe yesterday’s massage helped me be so calm today for my operation.” Lava Shell Massage
Lava Shells is one of the best treatments I’ve ever had. I felt very balanced afterwards and is a really good detox!”
“After the Lava Shell massage I was very relaxed, calm and happy. Later that day I felt very energised and as if my body had been spring cleaned!”
“I must admit that I was slightly sceptical the first time I went to have a facial rejuvenation massage, but I thought I will enjoy the pampering so give it a try. The massage is very soothing and relaxing leaving my face glowing with health. Not only that – it really works, I could see a difference half way through my massage. I would recommend it to anyone young or old!”
“Thank you for the face, neck and shoulder massage. My face seemed positively lifted and I can actually see a difference, especially around my cheeks and jaw area. My neck is lovely and free.”
“Just to say Thank you for the Facial Rejuvenation. My husband said a couple of times he could see a difference. I really enjoyed the massage and all the self-help, advice and information you gave.”
“Skin brill and face and neck so lifted – fab!”
“I’ve tried many therapies and facial rejuvenation is the most relaxing I’ve ever had and the results are amazing. I want one every week!”
“After facial rejuvenation I feel like a new woman!  I also enjoy the ear candling too, it’s so relaxing.”
“After Facial Rejuvenation my whole face feels lifted, especially my cheeks. This treatment is very relaxing and makes me feel good.”
“I write as a 73 year old convert. Facial Rejuvenation is the perfect treatment if you wish to shed a few years – and a few wrinkles – in total comfort and relaxation, without the potential risk and problems of a more invasive process. Following my first treatment, there was a noticeable improvement, but the longer lasting effects became obvious after the 5th session and it is now my intention to continue indefinitely with a monthly treatment to maintain the improvement – and to boost confidence! I have also noticed that my skin has improved, as it was previously very dry.”
“Although not totally convinced that it would do me any good at all, I decided to treat myself to a treatment of Facial Rejuvenation. What an eye-opener. After this first treatment, my skin felt like satin and I felt totally relaxed for the first time in years. This prompted me to have a course of six treatments. Each treatment has brought added benefits, and the results last longer as the course progresses. My complexion is now a lot better than in has been in ages and my skin no longer feels like sandpaper. I also have a feeling of well-being and serenity. I now intend to have a treatment once a month in order to stay feeling smooth and serene, rather than feeling creased and cranky.”
“I have had facial rejuvenation massage several times now and feel it is just such a great tonic. I feel, and look, so much more relaxed after a session and it is wonderful to have friends say I look so well. To me, though, it is more important how I feel, and the massage makes me feel genuinely relaxed.”
“I went to Hayley because I had been suffering from nasal congestion and crackling in my ears as a result of this. I decided to have ear candling carried out as I kept giving so many off the shelf remedies a go. It was a very relaxing experience and could feel the benefits as soon as my face was massaged at the same time. My head definitely felt clearer as a result of this treatment and won’t hesitate to have it done again. I have never gone for this sort treatment before and now I have had reflexology and a rejuvenating face massage carried out too. Both these treatments had the most amazing relaxing effect – I felt de-stressed and an immense sense of wellbeing. Highly recommended indeed!!!!”
“Several days after my first ear candling treatment my sinuses seemed to clear quite a bit and my hearing improved so much that I did not need to use my hearing aid for 3 days.”
“Over the time I have known Hayley, I have received a variety of therapies from her such as Tsuboki, Body Massage, Reflexology and Reiki. The Tsuboki, Body Massage and Reflexology left me feeling light and relieved me of all tensions throughout my body, this helped me to regain clarity and focus in my mind and let go of everyday stresses. The Reiki was very empowering. Being a Therapist myself, it is difficult to find a good Therapist whom you trust and helps you relax with treatments yourself as this is a common problem for Therapists, giving therapies but not receiving. I not only trust and recommend Hayley wholeheartedly for myself and others, but admire Hayley’s approach, which is comforting and supportive, as she dedicates time aside to explain and discuss the techniques and therapies which helps you feel comfortable and safe immediately. Also being an animal behaviourist myself, I have seen Hayley develop an amazingly powerful intuition with animals and along with successfully helping their ailments, she has a natural calming energy animals are instantly attracted to and trust. She has an inspirational gift and determination and I feel I have discovered not only a good Therapist for myself, but a life long friend also. Thank you Hayley.”
Reflexology really helps me sleep and I wake feeling energised, which is very unusual for me as I have rheumatoid arthritis. It also helps with my pain relief and mobility too.”
Reflexology enabled me to cope with some of the anxieties associated with medical treatment undertaken. I feel balanced, calm and serene.”
“I had a lot of pain in my toes. After the first reflexology treatment my toes moved better than they had in ages. The next day, the pain just went in my feet and they felt fantastic. I also felt revitalised.”
“I enjoy a regular reflexology and recently tried the Reflex Treatment too. The benefits were 2 fold – it felt like I’d had a massage as well as reflexology. My body felt really relaxed and opened up before the feet were even touched. I had a lovely feeling of floating away. Total relaxation!”
“I came for my first reflexology session full of scepticism, although a friend had recommended it to me. I could not believe that it could do any ‘real good’. However, after my first session I was just so wonderfully relaxed. I slept really well for the first time in a long time, and felt just a sense of general well-being that I had not felt before. I still don’t know how it works; I just know that it does for me.”
Champissage gives such a feeling of well being and relaxes all the stresses and strains of life.”
“My pain has just gone after only a few weekly treatments of Indian Champissage. Before this, the pain in my shoulders, head and neck was tremendous and constant and I didn’t know what to do with myself. It seemed to stem from tension in my neck which I think originated from a very old whiplash injury. Before this I was taking up to 8 nurofen a day, not knowing which way to turn, as my GP said he could do nothing for me. The Indian Champissage was very relaxing and enjoyable, and I was very sleepy afterwards. The next day the pain was much lighter. I had weekly treatment the next week and after the 3rd treatment I was only taking 1 nurofen at night. After the 7th treatment I have stopped taking them altogether. How amazing after such a short time. Hayley has been my angel, freeing me from pain. I would highly recommend her. I eventually progressed to having the therapy every 6 weeks as maintenance.”
Champissage relieves tension in my shoulders and upper back, helps with my sinus problems and with sinus related headaches. It’s great for helping with stress and tension in general.”
“During busy times, Hayley’s therapies keep my stress levels manageable. I used to have many restless nights, but now I sleep like a baby!” Aromatherapy Holistic Massage
“I was at my lowest – stressed, depressed, couldn’t relax and couldn’t sleep. Aromatherapy massage is really relaxing and soothing. I couldn’t believe how much calmer I felt and slept so well. I felt relaxed and rested.”
“After a busy day, aromatherapy massage is the ultimate treatment to achieve relaxation of the body and mind. The following day starts with a wonderful feeling of well being and renewed energy.”
“This massage released muscular problems in my neck, shoulders and back no other form of treatment has. A body and mind workout which left me feeling refreshed, deeply nurtured, free and agile in movement and clear headed. Highly recommended to everyone who cares about themselves.”
“I enjoy Body Massage, including a Tummy Massage. After suffering from IBS for many years, this has helped regulate things, so I no longer swing from one extreme to the other or suffer spasms. The massage is very relaxing, releases tension and gives me a feeling of wellbeing.”
“I Being a single mother of three I get really stressed so to try this massage was a challenge. I was really surprised as the after effects were great. I felt a lot calmer and my skin felt refreshed and glowed. This feeling lasted a couple of days and I am sure further treatments would be very beneficial in lots of ways. I would recommendTsuboki for both immediate and long term benefits.”
“After having the Tsuboki Massage I felt an immediate improvement with the texture of my skin and the lines on my face looked a lot more faint. I felt so relaxed with it and this feeling continued over the next few days. The massage also helped with tension and I would certainly recommend this to anyone.”
MF, Managing Director, CMF Consultancy Services Ltd, Doncaster www.cmfconsultancy.com
“As a company our staff take advantage of the services offered by Hayley Drakes and find the sessions very beneficial and her style of operation very professional. As an Executive and Management Coach I have no hesitation in recommending to our clients the benefits of taking on board the corporate therapy services offered by Hayley.”
Dr JB – GP / Senior Partner
“Our reception and nursing staff are always under pressure – there often isn’t time to deal with one task fully before having to attend to the next one. They manage to cope with this pressure – appearing pleasant, unflustered and competent. As employers we do not always remember to acknowledge how much stress the staff absorb – and offering the team a massage on a regular basis seems to be a very practical way of both recognising the problem – and trying to do something about it. All the staff appreciated the experience and the sense of being valued and, as their employer, I feel it enhanced the team spirit within the surgery.”
SB, Marketing & HR Director, Intastop Ltd, Doncaster
“Our company has taken advantage of the services offered by Hayley, we found her approach professional. Staff have said they felt much better afterwards with a more positive mental attitude and overall energy levels improved. We look forward to more sessions.”