Tsuboki® Face Massage

Tsuboki_logoFeel good on the inside and look great on the outside with this wonderful Japanese style face massage therapy devised by Anne Parry, with whom Hayley trained.

A light facial oil is used with wonderfully relaxing massage techniques and pressure point work on the face. Tsuboki® is great for stress management, giving a a feeling of inner peace and calm as well as having the tsuboki_facegreat rejuvenating effects associated with massage of the facial muscles and stimulation of collagen and elastin within the connectTsuboki_1ive tissue.

Beauty is more than skin deep and Tsuboki helps to promote well-being and the removal of metabolic waste products, which affect muscle tone and general appearance of the skin and positively affect the balance of health in the whole body.

Following relaxing massage of the face and neck, acupressure or Tsubo points along the Meridians (energy lines) are gently pressed and stimulated.  This treatment seems to have the dual effects of deep relaxation and yet a feeling of alertness soon afterwards.  A truly holistic therapy as the whole body is affected by work on the Meridians.

LEAFLET-Face-Rejuv-1Most Clients see an improvement in skin tone and appearance and a smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines and often report that Tsuboki certainly has more than just the physical benefits of rejuvenating the skin and that they feel more alert, calm, serene and even euphoric afterwards.  Regular Tsuboki can help to prevent lines, wrinkles and puffiness.

Clients often choose to combine the two styles of face massage Hayley offers in a longer therapy for maximum benefits and relaxation.

In some circumstances Tsuboki® Japanese Face Massage may not be appropriate eg. pregnancy or after recent procedures such as Botox.  If you are in any doubt as to whether the massage is suitable for you, please ask.

Tsubo points exist throughout the length of the body along the Meridian (energy) lines and run onto our feet and hands, so they can be worked in these areas too for extra relaxing massage of extremities. For some people tingling can be felt when working on these acupressure points which indicates a positive shift in energy.

During the Tsuboki treatments a small metal textured roller tool ‘Ridoki’ may be used which stimulates circulation further in the face.

See below before and after pictures from JUST ONE treatment.
Thanks to these lovely ladies for giving permission for me to use these photos on my website.
beforeafter5 beforeafter4
“Being a single mother of three I get really stressed so to try this massage was a challenge. I was really surprised as the after effects were great. I felt a lot calmer and my skin felt refreshed and glowed. This feeling lasted a couple of days and I am sure further treatments would be very beneficial in lots of ways. I would recommend Tsuboki for both immediate and long term benefits.”
“After having the Tsuboki Massage I felt an immediate improvement with the texture of my skin and the lines on my face looked a lot more faint. I felt so relaxed with it and this feeling continued over the next few days. The massage also helped with tension and I would certainly recommend this to anyone.”

Find more information at www.tsuboki.com